At the Google for India event held at Pragati Maidan, Google revealed its plan to manufacture its latest premium smartphones, the Pixel series, in India. Production will start with the Pixel 8 model and the first Indian-made devices will be available in 2024.
Partnering with local manufacturers

Google will partner with both international and domestic manufacturers in India for localized production of Pixel smartphones. The company considers India as one of the priority regions for manufacturing Pixel smartphones due to their growing popularity in the country over the years. The move marks the beginning of a journey to expand device manufacturing capacity and meet the growing demand for Pixel in India.

Expanding the service network

Apart from manufacturing, Google has been busy improving the quality of Pixel smartphones and expanding its service network across the country. Through its partnership with F1 Info Solutions, Google now has 28 service centers across 27 cities in India and plans to expand its service area to more locations in the coming months.

Joining the initiative “Make in India”.

India has emerged as a thriving manufacturing hub that offers a great environment for business growth. With this initiative, Google joins the Make in India movement and aims to make Pixel smartphones more accessible to people across India.